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We are a group of professionals with ample experience in financial services and technology. We share a passion for finance and technology and the belief that obtaining a financial service should not be a difficult or tedious process.

We have won the BBVA Open Talent 2017 in Peru, being selected as the Best Fintech in Peru. Also, our Founders have been selected as Endeavor Entrepreneurs and now belong to this prestigious, worldwide networking. Furthermore, Latin Fintech was part of the first Google Campus Exchange Latam Fintech Program that took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Latin-fintech Campus Sao Paulo, Google
Born between 1980 and 2000 ,
200 million people
in Latin America
90% of them have a savings account
and log into Facebook daily.


We provide online consumer loans through our technological platform. We use artificial intelligence to quickly assess credit risk and disburse funds in a matter of minutes. Our clients benefit from no more queues, cumbersome paperwork, or walking into branches. Our target market are mainly Millennials; for their convenience we have developed unique benefits that fit their lifestyle.


Our in-house team focuses on building a solid technology based on ad-hoc business rules and tailored algorithms. This allows us to deliver short-term loans with a faster risk assessment and deep customer knowledge. We provide a friendlier and safer user experience.

We are the best alternative to traditional banking.

Using complex algorithms to process
large volumes of data, we can lend money in minutes.

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